Ticketeer Extension

ScheduleFM Ticketeer helps schools and other organizations manage the sales and distribution of tickets for small to medium sports venues, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Seasonal ticket management

Managing ticket sales during the off-season, in-season, before and on game day has it complications.  We understand those challenges and ScheduleFM Ticketeer manages the different phases, providing for season ticket renewals and season ticket and individual game sales to the public throughout the scheduling year and on game day.

Seasonal ticket management

Ticket printing, advertising and scanning

ScheduleFM Ticketeer gives you the options of using hard tickets, or letting ticket purchasers print tickets at home, along with game day printing in the ticket office. Advertising can be sold and displayed on tickets to generate additional revenue.  Support for bar codes and handheld scanners ensures fast and efficient ticket processing.

Custom ticket pricing

Tickets generally sell at multiple price levels, or are distributed at no cost.  Complimentary, discounted, student and other custom ticket pricing needs are easily handled by ScheduleFM Ticketeer.